How to prepare for Year 9 - 13

How To Prepare For Year 9

Enrolment for 2022 is NOW OPEN!

All enrolments must have an enrolment interview. Please phone (07) 308 8251 or email to set up an enrolment interview.

Our Year 9 Out-of-Zone ballot was held on 29 October. We now have an Out-of-Zone waiting list. If you are applying as an Out-of-Zone student, please contact us to discuss. We are closed to Out-of-Zone Year 10 students for 2022.  Here's information on how the Out-of-Zone process works.

Please click on the images below to view our 2022 Prospectus and the Year 9 Curriculum Guide.

Click here to view our video on taking the Big Step to Year 9 in 2022



NB. Hard copies of enrolment information packs are available from our school office.


How To Prepare For Year 10-13

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Check out this video about the new Performing Arts course for 2022! Performing Arts - Song and Dance

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