School Fees

PLEASE PAY ALL MONEY DIRECT TO THE OFFICE OR SCHOOL BANK ACCOUNT. Fees are payable by cash, cheque or EFTPOS to the school office (8am to 4pm) or by internet banking to WHS Bank account number 12-3253-0046123-00 (ref: student name; code: student number).

If you wish to spread the costs: regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic payments are options to consider.

Automatic payments are allocated in the following order:  Previous year's fees are targeted first then Homework/ Workbooks are paid off, then subject fees, sports fees,  followed by optional fees (NZQA, school magazine, ID photo's, school donation).  

Please read the Fee Payment Policy:- this outlines the requirements for fee payments and how they will impact on this students participation on any trips, sports, activities, school ball etc. 

22. Fee Payment Policy


Refunds of student fees will not be paid out if there are any other outstanding compulsory fees.  Credits will be first offset against outstanding fees, any remaining credit will be refunded via a cheque made out to the caregivers/parents and posted.  Cash refunds will not be given out to caregivers/parents or students.  Credits on a students account can be used to pay siblings fees if requested.


For students who wish to participate in trips, sports and/or activities, trip/sport/activity fees must be paid in full before they will be allowed to participate plus at least 50% of all other fees if trip/activity in Term 1, 70% if activity is in Term 2 and 100% if activity is Term 3 or Term 4.  This requirement excludes optional fees e.g. the school donation, school ID photos, school magazine, NZQA fee etc.

If a long term automatic payment (AP) has been going un-interrupted for three months or more prior to event and payments will cover all outstanding fees by years end, the above requirement will be waived.  If the AP is set-up just prior to event, then the trip/sport/activity fee must still be paid in full before student may participate, the AP will then be used to pay other outstanding fees.

Individual discretion by Management will apply to the above in exceptional circumstances.

Refunds will not be given for trips/activities/sports, where late notice of withdrawing has incurred a cost to the school.  Refunds will be considered only if/when all costs are known and accounted for.


Please refer to the NZQA website for the fee payment costs and deadline:

School Ball

All fees must be paid IN FULL before senior students are able to purchase a ball ticket (excludes optional fees).  Those paying by Automatic payment, should ensure that their AP will cover all compulsory fees by the beginning of term 3.

If a long term automatic payment (AP) has been going un-interrupted and was started prior to March  1st  of the current year or earlier, all prior years fees have been paid in full by end of Term two and future automatic payments will cover all outstanding fees by years end, the above requirement will be waived.


In cases of genuine hardship applications for support can be made to the Principal.

Year 9 Fee Schedule

Year 10 Fee Schedule

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