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School fees, charges and donations

In 2024 Whakatāne High School has opted into the Ministry funded school donations scheme. Full details can be found by clicking here. In a nutshell the Ministry funded donations scheme means that the Ministry will pay the school $150 per student directly. This means that there are no school fees for trips, resources, tuition or activities (including sports) that are part of your child's core learning programme (curriculum). For example: 

  • The board of trustees (school),  cannot ask you to make a donation unless it is for an overnight school/kura camp – and then you can choose if you want to pay none, some or all of the donation. If you choose not to make a donation, your child cannot be stopped from attending a camp if it is part of the school’s core learning programme (curriculum).

  • You cannot be asked to make either a general or specific donation e.g. a donation for a day trip to a museum or a field trip to a hiking track which is part of the school’s core learning programme (curriculum).

  • You cannot be asked to pay for textbooks, workbooks or photocopying which are part of your child’s curriculum.


However, fees do apply to:

  • School stationery. The school still has a stationery list that is available from reception, stationery retail stores and online for your child’s core learning programme in 2024. 

  • Optional events like the school ball, ski trips or camps that sit outside of your child's core learning programme.

  • Instrument hire or music tuition that sits outside of your child's core learning programme.

  • Uniform.

  • Optional workbooks, photocopying/ printing or stationery that will be taken home by the student.

  • Sports teams, after hours tuition, cultural or sports activities.

Again, please read the full details by clicking here. If you have any concerns, please contact the school and we will answer any queries you have.

Martyn Knapton



PLEASE PAY ALL MONEY DIRECT TO THE OFFICE OR SCHOOL BANK ACCOUNT. Applicable fees are payable by cash, cheque or EFTPOS to the school office (8am to 4pm) or by internet banking to WHS Bank account number 12-3253-0046123-00 (ref: student name; code: student number).

If you wish to spread the costs: regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic payments are affordable and encouraged options to consider.


Credits will be refunded via a cheque made out to the caregivers/parents and posted.  Cash refunds will not be given out to caregivers/parents or students.  Credits on a students account can be used to pay siblings fees if requested.


In cases of genuine hardship applications for support can be made to the Principal.

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