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Whakatane High School,
Goulstone Road,
Whakatane, 3120,
New Zealand

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P: +64 7 308 8251

International Students Only
M: + 64 27 779 9447
(Mobile emergency contact for International Students)

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Principal / Martyn Knapton / Ext 826 /

Deputy Principal / Carole Hughes / Ext 856 /

Deputy Principal / Shannon Crook / Ext 840 /

Assistant Principal / Peter Barsdell / Ext 866 /

Assistant Principal / Helen McKane / Ext 861 /

Assistant Principal / Renay Jones / Ext 744 /

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ExtensionExt 702

Andrews, Stacey

NameAndrews, Stacey

ExtensionExt 775

Archibald, Warwick

PostionProperty Manager

NameArchibald, Warwick

ExtensionExt 838

Asquith, Karen

NameAsquith, Karen

ExtensionExt 708

Badger, Lisa

NameBadger, Lisa

ExtensionExt 835

Ball, Julie

NameBall, Julie

ExtensionExt 779

Barnett, Phil


NameBarnett, Phil

ExtensionExt 821

Barraclough, Robyn

NameBarraclough, Robyn

ExtensionExt 859

Bentley, Fiona

NameBentley, Fiona

ExtensionExt 707

Blakeway, Julia

NameBlakeway, Julia

ExtensionExt 766

Bonne, Linda

NameBonne, Linda

ExtensionExt 823

Braddock, Jarrod

NameBraddock, Jarrod

ExtensionExt 776

Capill, Johnelle

NameCapill, Johnelle

ExtensionExt 820

Carnegie, Hemarangi

NameCarnegie, Hemarangi

ExtensionExt 705

Cassidy-Clark, Lena

NameCassidy-Clark, Lena

ExtensionExt 732

Cattell, Natalie

NameCattell, Natalie

ExtensionExt 731

Chandler, Rebecca

NameChandler, Rebecca

ExtensionExt 782

Christie, Nic

PostionHead of Kauri House

NameChristie, Nic

ExtensionExt 865

Clark, Mark

NameClark, Mark

ExtensionExt 767

Cleary, Patrick

NameCleary, Patrick

ExtensionExt 780

Cochrane, Jared

NameCochrane, Jared

ExtensionExt 720

Coxon, Gemma

NameCoxon, Gemma

ExtensionExt 854

Craig, Sandi

NameCraig, Sandi

ExtensionExt 860

Davies, Shirley

NameDavies, Shirley

ExtensionExt 841

Dixon, Leah

PostionSchool Nurse

NameDixon, Leah

ExtensionExt 842

Donaldson, Brett

NameDonaldson, Brett

ExtensionExt 761

Dow, Matt

NameDow, Matt

ExtensionExt 724

Eruera, Ella

NameEruera, Ella

ExtensionExt 711

Everitt, Sheryl

NameEveritt, Sheryl

ExtensionExt 759

Eves, Andie

NameEves, Andie

ExtensionExt 751

Faulkner, Jo

NameFaulkner, Jo

ExtensionExt 725

Forsyth, Renske

NameForsyth, Renske

ExtensionExt 832

Goodman, Paul

NameGoodman, Paul

ExtensionExt 848

Graham, Judith

NameGraham, Judith

ExtensionExt 828

Grammer, Tracey

NameGrammer, Tracey

ExtensionExt 743

Hagger, James (Jim)

NameHagger, James (Jim)

ExtensionExt 784

Hancy, Marama

NameHancy, Marama

ExtensionExt 785

Hanlen, Mark

NameHanlen, Mark

ExtensionExt 718

Harland, Angela

NameHarland, Angela

ExtensionExt 855

Harper, Gael

NameHarper, Gael

ExtensionExt 712

Hawea, Fay

NameHawea, Fay

ExtensionExt 703

Henry, Colin

NameHenry, Colin

ExtensionExt 730

Hoskins, Teresa

NameHoskins, Teresa

ExtensionExt 753

Hughes, Carole

PostionDeputy Principal

NameHughes, Carole

ExtensionExt 856

Hurley, Aaron

NameHurley, Aaron

ExtensionExt 846

Jack, Stevie

NameJack, Stevie

ExtensionExt 723

Keepa, John

NameKeepa, John

ExtensionExt 715

Kelly, Jessy

NameKelly, Jessy

ExtensionExt 762

King, Rachel

NameKing, Rachel

ExtensionExt 836

Knapton, Clare

NameKnapton, Clare

ExtensionExt 710

Lawrence, Tricia

NameLawrence, Tricia

ExtensionExt 749

Mahon, Tom

NameMahon, Tom

ExtensionExt 748

Manning, Catriona

NameManning, Catriona

ExtensionExt 701

Manning, Declan

NameManning, Declan

ExtensionExt 850

Marrow, Olivia

NameMarrow, Olivia

ExtensionExt 750

Marrow, Scott

NameMarrow, Scott

ExtensionExt 769

Marshall, Dave

NameMarshall, Dave

ExtensionExt 838

Matrix, Kelly

NameMatrix, Kelly

ExtensionExt 737

Matthews, Joss

NameMatthews, Joss

ExtensionExt 729

McLean, Shae

NameMcLean, Shae

ExtensionExt 719

Morris, Henry

NameMorris, Henry

ExtensionExt 738

Muru, Grant

PostionHead of Rimu House

NameMuru, Grant

ExtensionExt 740

Napier, Danelle

NameNapier, Danelle

ExtensionExt 778

Ngamoki, Paula

NameNgamoki, Paula

ExtensionExt 716

Nillesen, Anne

PostionPrincipal's PA

NameNillesen, Anne

ExtensionExt 826

O'Leary, Catherine

NameO'Leary, Catherine

ExtensionExt 741

Owen-Cooper, Rachelle

NameOwen-Cooper, Rachelle

ExtensionExt 772

Pearce, Niall

NamePearce, Niall

ExtensionExt 717

Pearce, Pam

NamePearce, Pam

ExtensionExt 767

Peterson, Susi

NamePeterson, Susi

ExtensionExt 853

Ranapia, Ngaire

PostionHead of Totara House

NameRanapia, Ngaire

ExtensionExt 714

Reid, Julian

NameReid, Julian

ExtensionExt 869

Rewita, Titihuia

NameRewita, Titihuia

ExtensionExt 828

Riini, Te Kapua

NameRiini, Te Kapua

ExtensionExt 742

Robinson, Sam

NameRobinson, Sam

ExtensionExt 768

Roper, Owen

NameRoper, Owen

ExtensionExt 775

Rowland, Cathryn

NameRowland, Cathryn

ExtensionExt 736

Rua, Kiri

NameRua, Kiri

ExtensionExt 830

Rutledge, Helen

NameRutledge, Helen

ExtensionExt 757

Sexton, Ben

PostionHead of Matai House

NameSexton, Ben

ExtensionExt 760

Shanks, Holly

NameShanks, Holly

ExtensionExt 704

Shortland, Ruihi

NameShortland, Ruihi

ExtensionExt 843

Smith, Wendy

NameSmith, Wendy

ExtensionExt 863

Stone, Cherise

NameStone, Cherise

ExtensionExt 733

Stuart, Jo-anne

NameStuart, Jo-anne

ExtensionExt 834

Teepa, Alexis

NameTeepa, Alexis

ExtensionExt 734

Tuhoro, Sheree

Walker, Te Aorere

NameWalker, Te Aorere

ExtensionExt 727

Warner, Adam

NameWarner, Adam

ExtensionExt 849

Whale, Sue

NameWhale, Sue

ExtensionExt 746

Whaley, Will

NameWhaley, Will

ExtensionExt 783

Woodley, Marion

NameWoodley, Marion

ExtensionExt 871

Wright, Rebecca

NameWright, Rebecca

ExtensionExt 763

Wylds, Stew

NameWylds, Stew

ExtensionExt 774