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Principal / Martyn Knapton /

Deputy Principal / Carole Hughes /

Deputy Principal / Shannon Crook /

Deputy Principal / Peter Barsdell /

Deputy Principal / Renay Jones /

Assistant Principal / Helen McKane /



Dean of Year 9 / Jarrod Braddock /

Dean of Year 9 / Julia Blakeway /

Dean of Year 10 / Andie Eves /

Dean of Year 10 / Jim Hagger /

Dean of Year 11 / Laura Abbott /

Dean of Year 11 / Aaron Hurley /

Dean of Year 12 / Scott Marrow /

Dean of Year 13 / Ngaire Ranapia /

Dean of Te Aka Matua Teina / Caleb Tashkoff /

Dean of Te Aka Matua Teina / Talei Bryant /

Dean of Te Aka Matua Tuakana / Amy Hudson /



English / Laura Abbott /

Visual Art / Aaron Hurley /

Science / Lena Cassidy-Clark /

Social Studies / Henry Morris /

Technology / Paul Goodman /

Mathematics / Fiona Bentley /

Physical Education / Mark Hanlen /

Te Reo Maori / Dwayne Hudson /

Careers and Transition / Jo-anne Stuart /

Guidance / Joseph Ford /

Abbott, Laura

NameAbbott, Laura


Archibald, Warwick

PostionProperty Manager

NameArchibald, Warwick

Badger, Lisa

NameBadger, Lisa

Barraclough, Robyn

NameBarraclough, Robyn

Bentley, Fiona

NameBentley, Fiona

Blakeway, Julia

NameBlakeway, Julia

Braddock, Jarrod

NameBraddock, Jarrod

Bryant, Talei

NameBryant, Talei

Burns, Jarrah

NameBurns, Jarrah

Capill, Johnelle

NameCapill, Johnelle

Carnegie, Hemarangi

NameCarnegie, Hemarangi

Carr, Phoebe

NameCarr, Phoebe

Carton, Ronan

NameCarton, Ronan

Cassidy-Clark, Lena

NameCassidy-Clark, Lena

Cattell, Natalie

NameCattell, Natalie

Chand, Ranish

NameChand, Ranish

Cleary, Patrick

NameCleary, Patrick

Cochrane, Jared

NameCochrane, Jared

Coxon, Gemma

NameCoxon, Gemma

Davis, Ngamanu

NameDavis, Ngamanu

Donaldson, Brett

NameDonaldson, Brett

Dow, Matt

NameDow, Matt

Drabble, Julie


NameDrabble, Julie

Duffey, Joe

NameDuffey, Joe

Dunstan, Jess

NameDunstan, Jess

Eruera, Ella

NameEruera, Ella

Eves, Andie

NameEves, Andie

Faulkner, Jo

NameFaulkner, Jo

Ford, Joseph

NameFord, Joseph

Forsyth, Renske

PostionSports Co-ordinator

NameForsyth, Renske

Frisby, Lynda

NameFrisby, Lynda

Gagnon, Jeanne

NameGagnon, Jeanne

Garner, Renee

NameGarner, Renée

Gilmour, Steffi

NameGilmour, Steffi

Goodman, Paul

NameGoodman, Paul

Grammer, Tracey

NameGrammer, Tracey

Gray, Petra

NameGray, Petra

Haggart, Chanel

NameHaggart, Chanel

Hagger, James (Jim)

NameHagger, James (Jim)

Haines, Susan

NameHaines, Susan

Hancy, Marama

NameHancy, Marama

Hanlen, Mark

NameHanlen, Mark

Harland, Angela

NameHarland, Angela

Hay, Lisa

NameHay, Lisa

Henry, Colin

NameHenry, Colin

Hudson, Amy

NameHudson, Amy

Hudson, Dwayne

NameHudson, Dwayne

Hughes, Carole

PostionDeputy Principal

NameHughes, Carole

Hurley, Aaron

NameHurley, Aaron

Ingle, Amber

NameIngle, Amber

Jack, Stevie

NameJack, Stevie

King, Rachel

NameKing, Rachel

Knapton, Clare

NameKnapton, Clare

Koia, Ripeka

NameKoia, Ripeka

Lal, Robin

NameLal, Robin

Loeffelsender, Lena

NameLoeffelsender, Lena

Loye, Arden

NameLoye, Arden

Mackay, Rebecca

NameMackay, Rebecca

Mahon, Tom

NameMahon, Tom

Main-McCall, Jonnelle

NameMain-McCall, Jonnelle

Manning, Catriona

NameManning, Catriona

Manning, Declan

PostionDirector of International Students

NameManning, Declan

Mansell, Pare

NameMansell, Pare

Marrow, Olivia

NameMarrow, Olivia

Marrow, Scott

NameMarrow, Scott

Marshall, Dave

NameMarshall, Dave

Martin, Mathew

NameMartin, Mathew

Matthews, Joss

NameMatthews, Joss

Maui, Hinemataroa

NameMaui, Hinemataroa

McKane, Helen

PostionAssistant Principal

NameMcKane, Helen

Moore, Kim

NameMoore, Kim

Morris, Henry

NameMorris, Henry

Murphy, Tara

NameMurphy, Tara

Muru, Grant

NameMuru, Grant

Napier, Danelle

NameNapier, Danelle

Ngamoki, Paula

NameNgamoki, Paula

Nielsen, Bradley

NameNielsen, Bradley

Nillesen, Anne

PostionPrincipal's PA

NameNillesen, Anne

Nolan, Erin

NameNolan, Erin

Northey-Singsam, Jo

NameNorthey-Singsam, Jo

O'Leary, Catherine

NameO'Leary, Catherine

Owen-Cooper, Rachelle

NameOwen-Cooper, Rachelle

Palmer, Kimiora

NamePalmer, Kimiora

Paraha, Lisa

NameParaha, Lisa

Pearce, Niall

NamePearce, Niall

Pearce, Pam

NamePearce, Pam

Penny, Crystal

NamePenny, Crystal

Pouwhare, Mark

NamePouwhare, Mark

Ragozins, Jaiden

NameRagozins, Jaiden

Ranapia, Ngaire

NameRanapia, Ngaire

Reid, Julian

NameReid, Julian

Rewita, Titihuia

NameRewita, Titihuia

Reynolds, Kylie

NameReynolds, Kylie

Riini, Te Kapua

NameRiini, Te Kapua

Rowland, Cathryn

NameRowland, Cathryn

Sexton, Ben

PostionDirector of Sports

NameSexton, Ben

Sim, Teagan

NameSim, Teagan

Sloane, Drew

NameSloane, Drew

Speedy, Paul

NameSpeedy, Paul

Stuart, Jo-anne

NameStuart, Jo-anne

Taha, James

NameTaha, James

Tashkoff, Caleb

NameTashkoff, Caleb

Taylor, Ashley

NameTaylor, Ashley

Thompson, Hannah

NameThompson, Hannah

Vercoe, Nancy

NameVercoe, Nancy

Walker, Te Aorere

NameWalker, Te Aorere

Waller, Jodi

NameWaller, Jodi

Warner, Adam

NameWarner, Adam

Williamson, Karen

NameWilliamson, Karen

Williamson, Steve

NameWilliamson, Steve

Woodley, Marion

NameWoodley, Marion

Wright, Rebecca

NameWright, Rebecca

Wylds, Stew

NameWylds, Stew

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