About Our Students

Whakatane High School offers every student an equal opportunity to succeed with strong values around responsibility, respect and achievement.


Each student is placed in a mentor class which is looked after by the same teacher during their time at school. Close associations are built up amongst students and parents in this group over the five years. Mentor teachers keep a close eye on academic progress and wellbeing, and encourage meaningful participation in the school community. The Mentor Teacher is a key person for parents to keep in contact with.

Each student also belongs to a House. House activities afford opportunities for structured interaction between seniors and juniors. In time, all students have the opportunity to use these situations to develop active leadership skills to use beyond school. Deans of each year level take a close interest in the hauora, well-being of their students and also keep contact with parents.

Other on-site student support includes:

  • a specialist Careers programme starting in Year 9
  • professional Counsellors
  • a health clinic staffed by a qualified Nurse
  • weekly visits by a Doctor to the school
  • a school Chaplain
  • Te Aatakura qualified teachers to support Tikanga
  • a Tuakana Teina student leadership programme

A well structured Special Needs programme caters to students with learning difficulties, especially those struggling with literacy and numeracy.

An outstanding teaching staff helps in making wise subject choices throughout a student’s school career in the context of Achievement, Respect and Responsibility.

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