Enrolments for 2021 are now open!

See what some of our current students have to say about their high school experience here.

You have the option of completing your enrolment online or via a hard copy enrolment form which can be obtained from the Whakatane High School office.

Once you have completed your application for enrolment please visit www.schoolinterviews.co.nz and enter the code rkw3e to book an enrolment interview, or phone the office on 07 308 8251. These interviews are held from Wednesday 16 September to Friday 25 September. There will be further enrolment interviews available in Term 4 from Monday 12 October to Friday 23 October.

Whakatane High School has an enrolment zone - please check here to see if you fall inside this zone. For out-of-zone students we also have a priority list.

To be considered for an out of-zone place at Whakatane High School, you MUST have applied for enrolment AND had an enrolment interview BEFORE 23 October 2020.



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