In 2021 we welcome a new level of pastoral support for our young people at Whakatane High School.

This year we have Deans at each year level. The reason for this change is to make sure parents have a clear point of connection to the school at their child’s year level (in addition to this, parents will also have a connection via their child’s Student Mentor).

The Deans are responsible for developing a wellbeing program that supports students to be confident, resilient and connected learners. This change has been developed through self-review, student and whanau voice.

See below for the list of Deans at each year level, and their contact details:

Year 9

Nic Christie


Holly Shanks


Year 10

Ngaire Ranapia


Jim Hagger


Year 11

Jared Cochrane


Sam Robinson


Year 12/13

Aaron Hurley





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