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If you have any work to complete or would like to revise for your exams, please see this document for all Subject Workshops.


NCEA Exams

5 November to 29 November 2024

Here you will find the timetable for Senior exams this year.



Exams start at 9.30am for morning exams so please meet outside your venue at 9.00am to allow time to get everybody seated.

Afternoon exams at 2.00pm - so please meet at 1.30pm outside your venue.

Special Assessments Condition students please meet at the back of the Hall at the same times as above

You MUST be in School Uniform to be on school grounds - either for exams or Tutorials

  • You must have your exam admission slip - if you lose this, go to the front office to have it reprinted ASAP (ideally not just before your exam!)

  • No talking once you enter the Hall or Classroom

  • No phones or digital watches allowed

  • Please bring a calculator if you need it for your exam

  • Bags outside in the Music corridor 

  • Clear bag or pens etc - you CAN NOT write in pencil

  • No Food - but you can take water in a clear bottle 

Check, double check and triple check the school instagram page the night before/and morning to check where your exam is and what time you need to arrive.

If you have a clash please talk to your mentor teacher or subject teacher and decide when you are going to sit these exams.

If you have a digital exam please CHARGE your chromebook and bring it to the exam fully charged!!!!!

Leaving the exam - you can not leave until after 45 mins and then every 30mins minutes after that - depending on the length of your Exam 

If you are in school during the school day, you are in an exam or a tutorial during class time - NOWHERE ELSE


Good luck to all students sitting exams!

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