Core values

Following consultation with staff, students and the community, a set of three values was established that all stakeholders felt were important to a successful and principled secondary school. These values are the standards by which members of our school community regulate themselves in their day-to-day lives.


Our values include respect for:


 • Participating and succeeding in all aspects of school life

 • Making the best use of all opportunities offered at school

 • Giving your best to yourself, your relationships, your society and your environment



• Being considerate and appreciative of others

• Valuing all members of the school community

• Valuing the school environment



• Being accountable for your actions

• Honouring commitments or promises made to others

• Looking after your environment and the earth.

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Term dates

2020 Term Dates

Term 1 - Wednesday 29 January to Thursday 9 April
Term 2 - Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July
Term 3 - Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4 - Monday 12 October to Tuesday 8 December