Student Portal

Student Portal

The Whakatane High School Student Portal allows students access to their timetable, academic results and school fees. It shares the same address as the parent portal and uses the same username. The student portal requires students to enter their unique password. Please call the school office on 308 8251 if you have issues using the student portal.

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About Moodle

Moodle is a learning management system that enables teachers to create a secure environment to distribute course work and allows students access to; course credits, class timetables and school fee information. Please click the link below to login and enter your Whakatane High School username and password when prompted.

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About Google Apps For Education 

Google Apps For Education provides Whakatane High School students with access to; student email, digital classrooms, document storage and sharing, calendar, wordprocessing, presentations, spreadsheets, surveys and a multitude of additional educational services. Students who leave Whakatane High School will need to save their student work before their last day as all student accounts will be deleted.

GAFE (Google Apps For Education) 

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