International Students

Whakatane High School welcomes students from other countries.  Until 2009 our school accepted a limited number of students on exchange.  The outstanding success of visits by students from Sweden, Finland, Germany, USA, Australia, Italy, Argentina and Peru has persuaded us to widen this opportunity to others.

We currently have between 25 and 30 International students here. The majority of them come from Europe and a few from Asia or the Americas. Our Europeans are mainly German speakers with some of them from Scandinavia or other European countries.

We have no more space available for Jan 2018. 

Current enrolments: 22 Germans, 1 from Luxembourg, 1 Italian, 1 Swiss, 1 Dutch, 3 Norwegians, 2 Cambodians.

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Host Families

Are you interested in becoming a host family for Whakatane High School?

Hosting an international student can be a very enriching experience for all involved. In January we have students arriving at our school from America, Germany, Austria and Italy. Students stay anywhere from 1 term to a year so there are opportunities for short-term and long-term homestays.

We have numerous families that offer fantastic environments and support to our students, but we are looking for more.

An allowance is paid to approved police vetted families once a student is placed.

If you are interested in finding out more about hosting for WHS, please email

Picture: Experienced host mother Liz Minchington with past host daughters Lilly from Germany and Tonje from Norway.









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Term dates

2018 Term dates

Term 1 - Wednesday 31 January - Friday 13 April
Term 2 - Monday 30 April - Friday 06 July
Term 3 - Monday 23 July - Friday 28 September
Term 4 - Monday 15 October - Thursday 13 December