Cybersafety agreement

Student Cybersafety Use Agreement

Please make sure you read and understand the information contained in the booklet before you sign the Student Cybersafety Use Agreement.  If you are not sure of what you are reading, ask your parents/caregivers or your teacher. Click here to download PDF

We want our students to be good Digital Citizens. This includes being able to:

*  Research effectively

*  Choose and use online and offline tools effectively and appropriately

*  Understand digital rights, copyright and the law

*  Manage their digital safety and online reputation (Cybersafety)

Families will receive a Cybersafety Use Agreement to sign at enrolment. It is not necessary to print this document.

Netsafe are a source of useful information for staying safe online. They have published a booklet through their website, in association with Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft and Trade Me, about how to protect user’s privacy.

Download or print a copy today: Staying Safe Online: Cybersafety tips from NZ’s leading online companies (PDF)


To the student and the primary caregiver:

  1. Please read this page carefully, to check you understand your responsibilities under this agreement
  2. Sign the appropriate section on this form and return with your enrolment
  3. Keep the blue booklet for future reference


We understand that Whakatane High School will:

  • Keep the school cybersafe, by maintaining an effective cybersafety programme.  This includes working to restrict access to inappropriate, harmful or illegal material on the Internet or school ICT equipment/devices at school or at school-related activities, and enforcing the cybersafety regulations and responsibilities detailed in the use agreements
  • Keep a copy of this signed use agreement form on file
  • Respond appropriately to any breaches of the use agreements
  • Provide members of the school community with cybersafety education designed to complement and support the use agreement initiative
  • Welcome enquiries from students or parents about cybersafety issues


Student responsibilities include:

  • I will read this Student Cybersafety Use Agreement document carefully
  • I will follow the cybersafety rules and instructions whenever I use the school’s computer network, Internet access facilities, computers and other school ICT equipment/devices
  • I will adhere to the age limit rules and appropriate behaviour expectations on all sites
  • I will also follow the cybersafety rules whenever I am involved with BYOD and ICT devices/equipment on the school site or at any school-related activity, regardless of its location
  • I will avoid any involvement with material or activities which could put at risk my own safety, or the privacy, safety or security of the school or other members of the school community
  • I will ask permission from students, staff and anyone on the school grounds before using or posting photos or videos. I will comply with general cybersafety rules relating to the use of images if I am offsite.
  • I will take proper care of computers and other school ICT equipment/devices.  I know that if I have been involved in the damage, loss or theft of ICT equipment/devices, my family may have responsibility for the cost of repairs or replacement
  • I will ask the relevant staff member if I am not sure about anything to do with this agreement


BYOD Policy: Click Here For Download (PDF)

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